1. Is there a downtime after treatment?

    Endospheres Therapy® is 100% non invasive treatment, there is no downtime following the treatment, so client can resume his or hers usual activities right after the session.

  2. How many treatments are needed?

    Results are visible after just one session, but series of 6 to 12 treatments are recommended. Please consult with our certified provider, number of sessions needed depend on desired results and pre-existing condition.

  3. How often should Endospheres Therapy® be performed?

    Please allow at least 48 hours between the treatments. 12 treatments course is usually recommended, allowing 2-3 times a week sessions.

  4. Are Endospheres Therapy® Devices distributed in US in compliance with FDA rules and regulations?

    Yes, Fenix group, SLR as a manufacturer and LevanteMed as initial importer comply with the US FDA regulations and GMP requirements.

  5. Are there any clinical studies supporting effectiveness and safety of Endospheres Therapy®?

    Numerous clinical studies have been conducted over 10 years by leading Italian medical professionals to guarantee safety and effectiveness of Endospheres Therapy® Devices.

  6. Should one be on a special diet or working out additionally during the course of administered treatments?

    Whether diet or additional workout regime is not mandatory for results of Endospheres Therapy® to show, it is advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.

  7. Is Endospheres treatment similar to LPG or VelaShape?

    Endospheres Therapy® technology is completely different from suction and / or radio frequency technology utilized in LPG Endermologie and VelaShape devices. The Compressive Micro-Vibration method is a revolutionary concept that replaces the existing techniques of tissue suction and traction. Micro-Compression replaces suction and Micro-Vibration replaces traction, together making it possible to avoid stretching of the skin and possible damage to a vascular system.

  8. How long does one treatment take?

    Full body treatment takes 60-70 min.
    Legs, glutes and abdominals take 45-50 minutes.

  9. Is any special cream or oil needed for the treatment?

    We recommend using original oil of Endospheres Therapy® brand, but its not mandatory. Light, chemical free (to avoid premature wear and damage of silicon spheres) massage oil can be used.

  10. Is any special suit or extra equipment, clothing accessory needed for the treatment?

    No suit or accessories are needed. An advantage that lets a provider see a condition of the skin and areas, as well as a reaction of the treated skin.