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Endospheres Therapy® Compressive Micro-vibration is created by leading Italian medical professionals and top level bioengineers. With over 10 years of research and successful implementation around the world, today Endospheres Therapy® represents the most advanced product in the treatment of various types of cellulite.

“A machine that magically takes care of all the skin problems doesn’t exist, but there are serious, safe and effective treatments, which provide excellent results, when administered by properly trained and knowledgeable providers.”

-Professor Pier Antonio Bacci, speaking of Endospheres Therapy® at SIES Congress 2008, Bologna Italy

Endosphères Therapy® for body and face imperfections

Results from the first session

AkSensorAll and AkSensorBody are the first devices in the world that detect tissue density with a sensor placed on the hand piece, which recognizes the stage of cellulite. Therefore, AkSensorAll and AkSensorBody adapt Endospheres Therapy® treatment to your specific needs, increasing the effectiveness. AkSensorAll has two hand pieces, one for body treatment and another for face rejuvenation. AkSensorBody has a single body treatment hand piece.

AK Sensor & AK SensorAll

Science + Technology

Compressive Micro-Vibration

Compressive Micro-Vibration is revolutionary step ahead in the aesthetic field. It works on the tissue through a cylinder made of 55 rotating spheres.

The speed variation, the rotation direction and the pressure on the tissue produce 5 synergistic actions.

  • 1
    Enhances Lymphatic Drainage

    The Endosphères Therapy® produces a pulsed and rhythmic action induced by the direction of the rotating cylinder that works on the lymphatic system enhancing the lymphatic drainage.

  • 2
    Temporary Reduction in appearance of Cellulite

    The Endosphères Therapy® is an innovative massage method that works through Compressive Micro-Vibration using the muscles as active resistance, allowing the compression of the fatty areas, thus reshaping them and temporarily reducing appearance of cellulite.

  • 3
    Muscle Toning

    The Compressive Micro-Vibration works on muscles using them as active resistance; the stimulation made by the vibration, allows an improvement of the muscle tone.

  • 4
    Action on the Vascular System

    The peculiar honeycomb disposition of the spheres in the cylinder induces pressures and lifts on the tissue thus allowing a temporary improvement of local blood circulation.

  • 5
    Relieves Minor Muscle Aches & Pains

    Compressive Micro-Vibration works on the mechanoreceptors and on the inflammation. Our test data demonstrates that the treatment with Compressive Micro-Vibrations produces a reduction and in many cases elimination of muscle aches and pains.

AkSensorAll® and AkSensorBody® of Endosphere Therapy® – the only devices in the world that feel the body; present variety of health and beauty applications for MedSpas, Skin Care Centers, Day Spas and Wellness Clinics.

A fast return on the investment is insured by wide range of treatments offered, the high patient turnover and it is proven by sales experience in Italian and foreign markets.

  • 100% non-invasive means no downtime for clients
  • Safe to use year around ( no restrictions on the sun exposure)
  • Proven effective and no discomfort – more satisfied clients
  • Endospheres Therapy® treatment is a great addition to your menu of services or can successfully be the sole treatment for the body and face, specifically targeting appearance of cellulite and offering facial rejuvenation.

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As of January 2020, Cellfit no longer represents and distributes Endospheres devices in the USA.

As part of our commitment to represent only the best products and devices, Cellfit is launching an exclusive wellness and age-defying technology for non invasive body and face treatments.

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